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Slashcards: Learn Japanese!

Discover the power of Slashcards: defeat monsters and unlock treasures by mastering reading and writing of Japanese. · By bigblueboo


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0.94: New multiplayer modes, more levels
New multiplayer modes available: Slash Racer - race laps around a track and propel yourself by hitting the correct hurdles! Coin Battle - Battle waves of monste...
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0.93: Kanji + visual test levels
0.93: I've enabled a couple of test levels to try. Venture out to the grassland hills to find two test levels, one featuring fruit and the other, useful kanji...
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Gamasutra post: gamepad text input -- history + design in Slashcards
In this devblog, I give an overview of text input in console games dating back to the NES through the PS4. Then I talk about how I iterated towards a text inpu...
0.91: Resolution fix
Resolution fix: 0.91 Game window will snap to 16:9 when resized. Fixed serious bug where the game will launch to a resolution larger than the screen, or with bl...
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0.90. A first, quick update
A few quick fixes to make players' lives better -- Advanced language prompts now show key hints for keyboard players. One tester reported trying every key on t...
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Got an idea for a game mechanic, enemy, or multiplayer gametype? Think the freeze bombs are too hard? Want a specific ka...
started by bigblueboo Jun 02, 2017
7 replies
There will be bugs. Please help me find them and fix them! Simply let me know what and where you see Slashcards going wr...
started by bigblueboo Jun 02, 2017
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This is so far an amazing game with an unprecedented level of teaching ability. I myself already know by heart the vowel...
started by JonAckbar Jul 13, 2017
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