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Slashcards: Learn Japanese!

Discover the power of Slashcards: defeat monsters and unlock treasures by mastering reading and writing of Japanese. · By bigblueboo


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0.94: New multiplayer modes, more levels
New multiplayer modes available: Slash Racer - race laps around a track and propel yourself by hitting the correct hurdles! Coin Battle - Battle waves of monste...
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0.93: Kanji + visual test levels
0.93: I've enabled a couple of test levels to try. Venture out to the grassland hills to find two test levels, one featuring fruit and the other, useful kanji...
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Gamasutra post: gamepad text input -- history + design in Slashcards
In this devblog, I give an overview of text input in console games dating back to the NES through the PS4. Then I talk about how I iterated towards a text inpu...
0.91: Resolution fix
Resolution fix: 0.91 Game window will snap to 16:9 when resized. Fixed serious bug where the game will launch to a resolution larger than the screen, or with bl...
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0.90. A first, quick update
A few quick fixes to make players' lives better -- Advanced language prompts now show key hints for keyboard players. One tester reported trying every key on t...
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