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[Mar 16: Enabled map decorators -- curved edges that make the map much more reasonable to navigate.]

[Mar 13: Wrote a new shader that fixes the reflection effect in WebGL!]

It is the near future.

In the year 1999, BBS systems have become globally connected via the IT&T Interlink PBX.  The global economy runs on software, connected in virtual space by ever-more-sophisticated dial-up modems.

Data piracy run rampant, as scene groups war for credits and the latest software.

The most dangerous occupation is that of a warez courier, taking unsanctioned releases from megacorporations to be sold on the black market.

To complete your mission, equip your Lightspeed v.99bis Modem.  Log on to the target xBBS and download the illicit software  package.  Reach the logout exit before your time quota runs out.  

Maintain throughput to sustain your connection longer. 

Beware of BB-ICEs.  Find packet bombs to defend yourself or modem boosts to assist in your maneuvers.

If you can, capture additional warez packages, perchance to sell them on the black market after logging out...

Better cred in the scene means more access.  More access means bigger challenges.  Do you have what it takes to be a top courier?


This is an entry in the Seven Day Roguelike gamejam #7DRL 2019.  

The concept was to combine arcade racing (RC Pro-Am, Slicks N' Slide) with roguelike influences.  Lots of procedural content, viciously difficult, perma-detath...be careful; make every shot and turn of the steering wheel count!

Features were being added to the very last moment.  The game is a bit of an un-tuned mess at the moment.  (Feedback welcome!)

Untested Windows and WebGL versions available now.  Post-jam fixes coming.

(There are bug, making a difficult game sometimes impossible.  So, cheat: press shift-1-5 to get free ammo, and shift-P to win your level.)


Placeholder track: "Twisting" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


roguetronic_7drl_webgl.zip 36 MB
roguetronic_win.zip 49 MB
roguetronic_osx.zip 51 MB
roguetronic_7drl_webgl_0.2.zip 36 MB

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i can't play it shows me a ui and a background

btw i'm on windows

(1 edit)

the windows version didn't work. it stuck after I press runme.bat, the UI showed up, and just background

Very impressive! I also coded a roguelike racing game but yours looks so much better. Great music by the way.

I had some trouble getting it running on the standalone Windows version, but did get it working in browser!  Reminded me of something vaguely similar to Shadowrun's decking system :)  Excited to keep up with the updates!

Very cool aesthetics and styling. When you describe it as "viciously difficult", you weren't kidding! Have you ever beaten it yourself? I wonder what it would be like if you just doubled the size of all the blocks, but not the car, so that there is more surface to drive on.

Thanks for trying it!  I've beaten each level separately but I have NOT beat all of them in sequence recently (like, since enemies were added!) Adding in tile decorators -- fences or cambered edges to the 'hallways' -- was a feature that didn't make the cut but I might add in this week.  

The tricky thing to balance with, say, doubling the size of the blocks is that's equivalent to halving the speed of the car.  I think improving the controls and adding some affordances like those tile decorators would address some of the needless challenge.